Friday, April 9, 2010

street shots



Stand & Deliver Joo

The best teacher I had at the School of Visual Arts was by far, Illustrator Joo Chung. If you have the opportunity to take any classes from him, do so. If you're willing to learn, listen, and be exposed to concepts, as well as various mediums with an open mind, then you might fit in well in one of his classes. If you're wondering where a lot of today's most popular Illustrators to come out of SVA (i.e: James Jean, and the Meathaus kids), got their skills, a lot of it has to do with Joo. They all made their way through Joo's classroom. While Joo's outlook can at times be considered somewhat pessimistic, I found his opinions realistic and on point. He is insightful, honest, and helpful (as well as repetitive, I took to calling his musings Joo-isms). I'm sure he's been repeating many of these lessons for years, and at times, it must feel like a broken record for him. Nevertheless, the man shares his truth, and seemingly views teaching as a step in his own process, as well his duty. He doesn't sugar coat anything. If he feels a student is wasting their time, and blowing shit off, he says so, and doesn't hesitate to do so in front of the entire class. I watched many a student get their shit together under his criticism. Under his influence, I learned to not be so precious with my drawings, take chances, layer and experiment. The man knows whats up. so give him a listen, and take his damn class.

an Icky Sexy Editorial piece by Joo

Friday, April 2, 2010

Springtime, springtime!!! everything is new, clean, and untarnished. It feels like you're really breathing properly for the first time. and with that comes inspiration. And so I am feeling that fire. The work is flowing just as I am about to begin working and traveling. A sketchbook comes in handy. It is an artist's diary. Here are some recent angles.