Saturday, August 31, 2013

Final set of 'Best Of 's', for now...

So, it's becoming clear to me now that the consistency of posts is just not, well, consistent. Will I keep on? What kind of a question is that?!! Of course!! One must keep doing their work! If anything, it represents just how truly hectic the lifestyle of a true player, such of myself, is! Straight mackin', teaching that art and producing that art, yo.

In other news, here are some final works by students I thought were just BOSS!. Sharing them here with you now.

Advice from cartoonist Bill Watterson

 I can't help but not post a link to a poetic, and visually stunning piece of advice from Calvin & Hobbes Creator; Cartoonist Bill Watterson.

                                               link:       Advice from Bill Watterson