Monday, October 24, 2011

One awesome piece of artwork I did manage to produce while in graduate school is this painting/installation in John Crowe's class. It was probably the most ambitious and funnest thing I've ever produced and I hope to have an opportunity to create it again someday but larger scale, and with plywood instead of cardboard. This was the prototype.

Golden Days

My life is hell. I am sad to say my illustration and comic career has been on a back burner the last year and a half. The reality of this weighs down on me daily. It is beyond my control as this lack of productivity is mostly due to my being ridiculously busy with my graduate studies at Mass Art here in Boston.

My infrequency of posts and updates to my blog and website in recent days frustrates me beyond belief.  I rarely get to make art these days which kills me. It really really really kills me because creating art is what I do, its what I've always done. It's part of my core. It's a major part of my identity. I've always referred to it as my superhero power, because I've always been able to draw and be creative with ease, and as such always interpreted it as a blessing, a gift of sorts. For example, I really envy friends who really understand math on a profound level, like almost as if they see the world through a mathematical lens because my brain just doesn't grasp things that way. We all have that special something that we know we're good at and hold close to our hearts. For me, its always been art.

The transition from occupying this constant space of creativity and productivity to virtually producing nothing but writing papers and designing lessons and learning curriculum constantly from morning to night has been very difficult for me to handle.

While I am really excited to eventually get certified to teach art, and combine my love of art with my love for kids together, boy let me just say, this has been bumpy ride.
The good news is that I am almost done with my program and am hoping some of my time can be freed back up to remind myself of who I am; artist on fire! Nevertheless y'all should stay tuned, there will always be more to come, I can promise that. But more importantly, I found this full page advertisement in a 1930 newspaper I found in my parent's attic. I think its a pretty beautiful representation of the caliber of work during the golden age of illustration. So beautiful.